Saturday, July 15, 2006

It just never stops

Yesterday I thought maybe Caroline had a rash on her neck, but wasn't sure if I was seeing things or not. Well, it was definitely a rash last night and was worse this morning. Add that to the fever she had the other night and I was pretty sure she had scarlet fever (strep) like she had a year ago. But of course, it's a Saturday which means no doctor. But I checked my insurance info online and found out that several urgent care centers in the area took my insurance. So C and I were out the door a little after 10am and were back here at the house at noon. I took her to Patient First and I was very pleased. We probably waited as long as we would at our primary doctor's and they even did a rapid strep culture. The culture came back negative, but the doctor said that's not uncommon since it's presented as a rash. They are doing a 48 hour culture as well, but b/c of how typically she has presented with it, they gave her a course of antibiotics - which they filled right there in minutes!

So now we've gotten her first dose into her (by holding Diego ransom, mind you) and hoping this is the end of the sickies. Bryce's GI tract seems to be getting back on track and I'm just hoping that he doesn't get the strep. But if he does, I'd be willing to bet our primary care doctor would call us in an Rx for him if needed.

Thank GOODNESS this happened this week instead of next!!!

Happy Anniversary to us, huh?


Christine said...

Awwww, poor Caroline...and poor mommy and daddy! At least Diego is good for something, though! Hope you guys have a fabu night out!!! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Oh no Erika - poor you guys - Way to go with the antibiotics though, great idea holding toys ransom - I like that :) Have a great time out, I would of loved to join you ....although it is YOUR anniversary - Cheers to you both.


Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!