Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Eye Color

Katie posted this on her blog and I just thought it was the COOLEST thing. (I love genetics!)

Baby Eye Color Prediction

It's not as clear cut for me since my dad had bluish eyes as a kid and they are now a grayish green. So I did it twice. With selecting that my dad had blue eyes, we have a 40% chance of blue, 10% chance of green, and %50 of brown. (Ummm, we have 2 very blue eyed kids already so I guess we beat the odds!)

But if I choose that my dad has green eyes, we only have a 27.5% chance of blue, a 22.5% chance of green, and still a 50% chance of brown.

So I guess either way we've beat the odds since brown is 50% either way. Very interesting! Thanks Katie!

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Katie said...

Isn't that a cool tool!!

L has blue/green eyes (with blue/green parents) and I have brown eyes (with brown/green eyed parents.

So basically we have the potential for brown, green, or blue-eyed kids (about 50% brown, 23% blue, 27%green). We have our brown-eyed girl, now we need a blue and a green.

You need a green and a brown!!!!