Sunday, July 09, 2006

Boy = Love Trucks????

So I'm one of those people who really believes that it's okay for girls and boys to play with all kinds of toys. Yeah, I had Barbies and My Little Ponies growing up, but I also had scads of Matchbox cars.

A lot of Caroline's toys are fairly genderless but it's interesting how she plays with them. With her Diego figurine she pretends she his mom and she carries him around and changes his diaper, etc. And what's interesting is that Bryce is REALLY into cars and trucks w/o any proding from us. When he goes into Caroline's room, he goes straight for her Little People bus or boat and likes to make them "go." And yesterday at my mom's he was as happy as could be just playing with all of her "old school" Little People trucks/cars etc. When Caroline plays with that stuff she plays more with the family than the cars and trucks. Yes, I know all kids are different, but it's interesting to me why they already are exhibiting "male" and "female" behaviors.

Just an interesting sociological observation......

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