Monday, July 10, 2006

All better...

Well both kids have recovered. Must have been a 24 hour thing and we found out that Cathy's youngest had it on Saturday too. Poor kids.

On the topic of funny things Caroline says, Jason was making chicken fajitas on the grill last night so I decided to make a margarita (on the rocks, NO salt!). I came out on the deck with it and Jason says, "Ooooo, a margarita." Caroline looks at it and says, "Mommy is drinking a diarrhea!"

I also think we may have found a good incentive for getting her to go potty all the time. The Diego Animal Rescue Center!

I was looking at it on the computer yesterday morning and she saw it. She got SO excited and said, "Mommy, go get it. Diego and Dora will live there." I told her that when she is potty trained, that it will be her BIG reward. So right away she runs to the potty and pees and then says, "Mommy, go get it." So I think when we see a major pattern change and it seems she's actually trained it will be her potty training reward. And then we can use it as something to keep her on track b/c she just loves Diego SO much.

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