Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Addicted to Cheerios

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Well, it's official, Mr. Bryce is ADDICTED to Cheerios. Oh my gosh, the kid can't get enough. He's really good at eating them out of his Snacktrap and just goes to town on the things. It's really funny. He's sitting in the playroom right now just gobbling them down.

I can't believe my week off of work is already over. We've had such a nice week together. I know I'm going to be sad tomorrow morning when I have to drop them off - I hope there aren't too many tears from Caroline. She gets sad in the mornings sometimes when I am leaving her. But I know they will both be fine once I leave b/c all the kids will be there and there will be lots of playing to do.

Caroline has been starting to help me do tasks around the house. Yesterday she helped me do laundry, clean the bathrooms, and make pizza. Of course she wasn't exactly making my jobs easier, but she was very interested in helping mommy. And because she helped make the food for dinner, she even ate it really well. I'll have to get her to help me cook more often.

Well Mr. Cheerios is about out, so I better be going....

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