Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Playdate Tuesday

We spent the morning and early afternoon on Tuesday over at Katie and Emily's house. From the moment I told Caroline on Monday that we were going over, she couldn't contain her excitement. I think she even might have tried to wake Bryce up from his nap early so we could leave sooner. We had a nice time visiting and Emily was a little angel. She is really smart too - you wouldn't believe all the letters she knows. Both of my kids enjoyed having a new environment to explore and different toys to play with. And it's always healthy for the moms to have some time to chat between feeding kids and keeping them out of mischief. Big thanks to Katie and Emily!

I think the monsoon rains we've had are finally over. Thank goodness. Maybe I'll even set up the pool for the kids today.

Jason ordered the railings for the deck on Monday, so they should be arriving soon too! We're getting closer, but now that the floor is down, it doesn't matter as much to me. We have a deck! Here's a pic:

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