Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Plague On Our House

So Caroline is sick, Bryce is starting to recover, and Jason is now sick. And me, well, aside from extreme sleep deprivation, I'm okay. Suprisingly, it hasn't hit me - which is unusual b/c usually when the kids get sick, I'm the first one to catch it. And considering the fact that I've practically been covered in their snot the past 3 days, maybe I won't this time. But then again....we all know how Murphy's Law works.

Bryce was up at 5am this morning still refusing to nurse and Caroline followed at 5:30am with a nice little fever. Jason was feeling miserable, so I was nice and let him sleep. Fortunately, Caroline let me give her some medicine this morning so she is doing okay now.

I'm still debating going to my work picnic at the dean's house tonight b/c we already RSVPed and I would feel really bad if I didn't go - for many reasons. I think it will depend on Jason and Caroline - but he says he's doing better, so maybe.

Last night I was at the end of my rope and was able to escape for an hour or so. And where did I escape to???? TARGET! I got my new fav drink - venti Shaken Green Tea Lemonade - and cruised around the store. (Starbucks and Target - what a great combo!) Amazingly I only ended up leaving with one bag of stuff, and the only thing inside for me were some new ponytail holders - the rest was for the kids (clothes) and a few little things for Jason for Father's Day.

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