Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The One Thing I HATE About Summer

Mostly, I love summer. I love the heat, I love the clothes, I love the flip flops, the swimming, and the crickets. But what do I hate? I hate that my kids won't go to bed. And it's b/c of something I love about summer - the long evenings. I remember this from last year too, but it's worse this year since now I have 2 kids. Because of the late evenings and light, I never realize how late it is and then the kids won't settle down. Caroline was pretty much always in bed - not necessarily asleep - by 8pm during the winter/spring. But now she's almost ALWAYS up until 9pm. And the funny thing is, I feel terrible putting her to bed when it's so light out. I love being up and outside on those warm summer evenings. But it's totally cut into my "me" time and almost nothing is getting done at our house.

Last night, I did manage to get Bryce into bed before 8pm (his bedtime should be before 7:30!) but then Caroline was out on the deck running around and helping Jason put on some more floor boards. She was having such a jolly time and it was so nice out there. Of course we paid for it this morning b/c she was so tired and threw a major tantrum from the second she woke up until we got in the van to go to Cathy's.

Of course, just b/c we get her into bed on time doesn't mean she goes to sleep either as she loves to play and talk to herself, but at least when it is dark, she goes to sleep a little faster. But don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing summer away - it just started today and I guess that means the days will slowly be getting shorter again.

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