Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Boring Tour

So I'm always interested what the university posts on the front page of their website. Usually they are genuine points of interest for some part of the university community. But the one that is up there today made me laugh...

"Explore the trees of XXXXXX
Take a self-guided tour of the trees on XXXXX's campus. Many of them have been here longer than the university."

Ummmm, I know it's summer without a lot going on, but MAN does THAT sound boring. How many people do you know that would actually go out of their way to walk around campus to see trees? Don't get me wrong, I like trees, but trees don't tell you a whole lot about history. Yes, they've been there a while and have "seen" a lot, but really, what are you going to learn? Sure a botanist may be interested, but is this really a newsworthy piece for the front page of a major university's website? I guess it's a slow summer news day.

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