Monday, June 19, 2006

More progress

The boys worked all day again yesterday and completed the frame and we even have about 3 feet of a deck now. YAY! Caroline has already been out walking on it and we're pretty freaking astounded at the size of the thing. It is 16x30 and MAN, that is a big deck. Of course we had been planning it to be this big for a few years now, but seeing it is still a surprise. Jason keeps laughing about it, but I keep saying that no one ever says, "I wish our deck was smaller." Right now all we have is a picnic table (and some kid toys) to put on it, but I'm sure we'll fill it up. And when we have Bryce's 1st birthday party out there at the end of August, we'll have PLENTY of room for the celebration. Ooooooooooo, I can't wait.

Many props to the three fathers (Jay, FIL, and my dad) who sweat it out on their Father's Day to work on the deck. BIL was there again yesterday too. It's nice to know our deck was built with our family - love will be one of the things that helped to construct it. :)

BTW, I think I'm getting Caroline & Bryce's plague from last week. I feel like ass.

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Katie said...

That last sentence made me LOL. I hope you fight the plague off though! I hope your renovation turns out as well as ours does. I'm jealous of the TREX deck. The kids will love to play on that huge space too-- and no splinters!