Monday, June 12, 2006

More of the same...

Well the weekend was a complete wash - both kids recovering and Jason getting sicker. Jason is home sick today with the cold going deeper into his lungs. But both kids did go to daycare today and are acting more like themselves. But Bryce is still refusing to nurse during waking hours and it's totally got me down. If one more person suggest that he is weaning, I'm going to go freaking balistic. It is extremely rare for a baby under 1 year to wean themselves and since Bryce will still nurse in the middle of the night, I know there is still hope. I'm just totally down about it.

BTW, I finally updated the website w/ new pictures if you know the link. I downloaded the new version of JAlbum and I'm very happy w/ the way the album displays now.

Better get back to work - being off 2 days unexpectedly will really make the work on your desk pile up.

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Katie said...

Bryce will get back on track. He's teething and everyone is sick and you are down-- try not to fret.

P.S. I finally checked out Caroline's "Chaka" video! SOOOOOO cute & funny. Plus I loved the new pics! I miss you guys.