Friday, June 30, 2006

Fun with Mommy

So being home with the kids these past few days has really been great. Probably b/c I'm not starting each day with objectives of things I want to accomplish. This is the main problem on the weekends since so much needs to get done and I end up frustrated because I don't accomplish much while managing both kids and Jason does yardwork and other big "manly" projects.

Wednesday we just played and ran some errands. Yesterday we hung out at the C.H. Beach club. Where is that? On my DECK! While Bryce was down for his morning nap, Caroline and I sat up the little pool and she splashed while I lounged in the sun for a bit. Then Bryce woke up and we all 3 played in the pool until we were all ready for lunch. After naps, we all had more pool time until it was time to get dinner ready. Definitely a nice day and I'm hoping for more of the same today.

Here's a pic of the kids from yesterday:
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And here is what happened when Caroline was hiding from me playing hide and seek yesterday. She's had a hard time understanding the hide concept (she's good at seeking). But I told her to hide and she went straight for the mats in the playroom. I was pretty impressed at her thought process with this one:
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