Friday, June 09, 2006

Ear Infections + No Internet + Turtle Eggs

So I think we figured out the reason behind Bryce's nursing strike. Ear infections! The right is actually much worse than the left, but he's been absolutely miserable since Wednesday night. I didn't go to work yesterday so I could take him to the doctor (a day earlier than his 9 month check up). He's on antibiotics now and constant pain relievers too. He latched on this morning for the first time in a few days but that didn't last long, so I'm hoping normal nursing resumes soon. Pumping all the time totally sucks.

Bryce also developed a nasty cold with constant disgusting nasal drainage and now Caroline has started with it too. The snot is flowing in my house.

But I was already scheduled off today for Bryce's 9 month check up but since we covered that yesterday we are having a leisurely morning at home. (BTW, Bryce is 19.5 lbs and 28 3/4 inches.) So I look outside as Caroline is eating her oatmeal and see this HUGE snapping turtle. It is over a foot long and after watching it, I realize it is digging a hole w/ it's hind legs, most likely to lay it's eggs. WOW! Wildlife in action. I took a bunch of pictures and will have to post them later. It seems snapping turtles look for soft spots away from the water to lay eggs and this one has chosen the soft ground near where Jason dug the footers for our deck. Luckly it is away from where the actual deck will be, so in 80-90 days (according to we should see some baby turtles. Not terrapins, but still, turtles are good.

Finally we've been dealing off and on w/on demand cable and internet outages for the past few days. It's amazingly on right now, so I'm soaking it up. It is really crazy how much you don't realize you depend on it for contact until it's down. I had also been trying to watch 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' and it kept freezing, so I'm only about halfway through it. Comcast is supposed to come out today, but I'll feel dumb it's it's back on. But I still want them to check it.

I think I'll take the kids to Target today to get a few more summer outfits as I'm noticing that they seem to always have empty drawers these days.

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