Monday, June 05, 2006

Cross That Picket Line!

So Bryce is on STRIKE! A nursing strike that is and I can't figure out why. He was only mildly interested in nursing on Saturday and didn't even have any milk before he finally passed out that evening (not like him at all!). Then yesterday he just had some "snacks" and then completely refused before bed again. He was up at 4am and I was thinking, he must be finally ready to eat. Nope, he just rolled around and cried. I had given him Motrin last night over an hour before bed and it hadn't helped, but the tylenol I gave him this morning must have done something b/c Jason got him to go back to sleep and he woke up at 6:45 ready to eat again. (Whew!) I told Cathy to be liberal with the tylenol if necessary and hopefully he'll be okay this evening. I am thinking it's the 2nd top tooth that is almost popping through, but I could be wrong. Thankfully, Bryce has his 9 month check up on Friday and if there is anything I'm missing, the doctor should pick it up.

Bryce also started clapping his hands on Friday and I just think it's the most adorable thing ever. Whenever he does it, it just melts my heart for some reason. Sometimes he'll clap one hand with one of his feet. He's also been crawling around a lot with his tongue hanging out and being ultra silly. His personality just seems to come through more and more everyday. I just love to kiss him all over.

We had a mini scare with Caroline on Saturday morning b/c she went face first into the corner of our desk and I thought she had hit her eye - but thankfully, she grazed the side of her nose and only got her eyelid and the bone above her eye. It looks kind of bad, but at least there is no major damage. It's just amazing how easy it is for kids to get hurt, even when the parents are sitting right there and watching.


Katie said...

At age 9 months, would you say Bryce is more similar to Caroline (at that age), or different, or not comparable? Just curious.

Erika said...

Bryce has been different from Caroline from the moment he was conceived - it's amazing how two people with the same genetics can be so different. I'm reminded of it every day.