Saturday, June 24, 2006

Baby Update

So here's the info - James Robert M_______ was born at 6:55pm on 6/23/06 weighing 9lbs 3oz! That's 1oz bigger than Bryce was at birth. Although I wasn't the least bit surprised that Bryce was that size since Caroline was 9lbs 1oz. But Zoe was only 7lbs so the fact that James was this big is a surprise - and he was born on his due date! But I would guess that if I hadn't been induced at 39.5 weeks, Bryce would probably have been bigger. (Thank goodness they didn't make me wait!)

I believe that Sara and Mark will be calling the baby "Taki" since it means "Little Jimmy" in Greek and that is what they always have called Mark's younger brother. So now there will be two Takis in the family - Uncle Taki and baby Taki.

The funny thing about that is that (big) Taki is only 6 weeks younger than me so my whole life I've known him as Taki. But I'll never forget when I found out that his real name was James - I guess I was about 6 or 7. I was just shocked. And then not a whole lot later, I found out that Mark's real name was actually George (Mark). That's quite a shocker for a kid who has only known people who are as close as cousins as one name and then to find out that they've been fooling you. If you asked me how George and James were, I wouldn't know who you were talking about. I will have to make sure Caroline and Bryce know that baby Taki's real name is James much earlier on so they aren't feeling duped in a few years. At least Zoe's real name is Zoe. :)

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