Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tooth #3

Well after teasing us for weeks, Bryce's 3rd tooth (top front right) finally poked through yesterday. I'm a little sad - I love that gummy smile. Yeah, he has had two bottom teeth for over 3 months, but they don't show as much when he smiles. But I'm sure he'll be just as cute with his teeth. It's funny b/c when Caroline was 8 months old, she was still almost 2 months away from even getting her 1st tooth. I'm just hoping that I don't get bitten anymore - but Bryce seems to think that is funny sometimes. He's also been troubling me a lot lately with very early morning wake ups. He's finally mostly sleeping through the night but likes to wake up at 4:30 or 5am. Not fun, especially when I usually don't even have my alarm going off until 5:45. I don't get it. And then he's rarin' to go and crawls all over me and the bed trying to go everywhere. He is so persistant and NEVER stops moving except to spit up all over me - how nice is that?

Yesterday was the kid's usual day with my IL's and they got to go up to Nana and Big Dad's house for the day. Caroline was thrilled because she got to play outside and play with Josie and the cats. Of course it was wonderful when they pulled up at home and she got out of the car and ran to me and threw her arms around my neck. There is just nothing better than that.

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Katie said...

There is nothing better than a big hug from your baby! Here's hoping Brycey doesn't try to bite ya'.