Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Ah yes, my first mother's day as a mom of 2. Wow. Jason let me sleep in until 9am, of course I was awoken at 5am for a Bryce feeding, but then went back to sleep. But when the 3 of them came into my room this morning, it was so cute how they both got up in bed with me and were both crawling all over me. I felt very loved. They gave me a card and a gift card for a spa pedicure. YAY! I'll probably save that one for right before SIL's wedding in July.

Speaking of SIL, we threw her a surprise bridal shower at my house yesterday. I hadn't posted on here about it b/c I know she reads from time to time. But she was SHOCKED and we completely surprised her. Everything turned out so well and it was a really great day. All the work Jason and I had put into the house over the past few months was totally worth it and Jason even got some nice compliments on how nice his lawn looks. (Totally a guy thing - and it DOES finally look great - after 3 years of slaving over it.)

So I don't think there is a lot we plan on accomplishing today - we're both pretty zapped, but we'll probably manage a few menial tasks. Hope all you mommas have a wonderful day!!!!

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