Thursday, May 25, 2006

Get Out of Jail Free

Caroline has quickly figured out that after we put her to bed, if she stands at her door (which we have put a gate in front of to keep from having a "free range toddler" on our hands at night) and yells "I HAVE TO PEE!" that we will come upstairs and take her into the bathroom. Usually she will only go a few drops but clearly enjoys just chatting away with us. We try not to make it a social event, but she doesn't care - she just talk talk talks away. (It's actually really cute and very hard NOT to really engage her.) It's so frustrating b/c we don't want to just yell up, "GO IN YOUR PANTS!" b/c that would defeat what we are trying to teach her with potty training.

The funny thing is though, she hardly EVER tells us she has to go - unless it has some benefit for her (e.g. getting out of bedtime, a time out, etc). Oh the joys of toddlerhood and potty training!

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