Friday, April 28, 2006

YAY for Friday!

Ah yes, another week is almost over. What makes Fridays at work, even though they are the same as the other days of the week, so much better? I always have more energy on Fridays so I know it's psychological. And it's spring, so that makes it even better. The kids are usually in better moods on Fridays too - although this week has been a pretty good one in terms of getting them ready and out the door on time.

Life with the new playroom has been great. Here are some pictures of the new desk and the playroom: (please don't mind the toys that Caroline hadn't cleaned up yet)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am sooooooooooo happy with it and will be even happier when the slipcover I "won" on Ebay arrives this week for the couch we have opposite the desk. It's a RED Pottery Barn slipcover that retails for over $140 (including shipping) that I got for just over $100. Not a steal, but saving $40 isn't bad - and it's brand new. (I dont' think I'd buy a used slipcover.) Consumer Reports rated the Pottery Barn slipcovers highest over the SureFit ones, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it looks half decent. I love red accents!

The kids seem to like having a room just devoted to their toys and I like it too. It seems so spacious and fun. Now we just need to paint it a fun color for them and put up some fun stuff on the walls and it will be complete. This weekend Jason is putting up some crown molding around the family room too. We're almost done that room and we just need to figure out what we're doing with the backsplash in the kitchen and then that room will be done.

Deck work is progressing slowly thanks to the excess of rain we've had lately - but we're still on target to get it done sometime in early June. Jason is going to rent one of those "diggers" to dig out the 10 places for the footers. Then it will be time to pour them, put up the frame and before we know it, we'll have a new "room."

Well that's it for now...hope you have a great weekend!

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