Sunday, April 30, 2006

Unsupervised Toddler = Oily Toddler

It seems Caroline has a personal vendetta for furniture this weekend. Yesterday she peed all over the couch in the den immeadiately after I had spent an hour putting the NEW slip cover I had just gotten on it. (It's since been washed and put back on - what a job!) Then this morning, she was upstairs playing by herself, as she often does, when we heard something move across the floor of our bathroom. Jason ran upstairs and saw she had something all over her. He brought her down b/c he thought she had eaten whatever it was - I took one whiff and knew whati t was. It was Bath and Body Works lavendar vanilla massage oil that I'd had a 2 oz. bottle of and had probably only used once. Upon further examination, her clothes were covered in it and she had it all over her hands and face. When asked what she did, she said, "I washed the chair, mommy." So we ran upstairs and there sat my Ikea chair covered in lavendar vanilla massage oil.

Fortunately it could all be washed, but my bedroom smells pretty good, I guess. She's been bathed too. We weren't very happy with her, but we also weren't really angry b/c part of it was our fault for leaving her unattended and letting her have access to that (It was on my bedside table.) The funny thing was, she really thought that she had been cleaning my chair. Interesting perspective....

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