Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No More Towline

What is Towline? Towline was how Caroline pronounced her name until just a few days ago. Now she can pronounce it mostly correctly. And while I'm proud of her, I really liked how she said her name. But I guess that's another thing that we lose as our kids grow up - cute pronunciations.

Both kids have snotty colds and it has made for some torturous nights for Jay and I since Saturday night. The worst night being Sunday when Jason only got 3 hours sleep. Ugh. I am so over this kids with a cold thing. Bring on summer!

I ordered my bridesmaid dress for Kelly's wedding from David's Bridal on Saturday. She's one of the nicer brides who picked a color and let us choose the style. Nice too that David's has so many styles to choose from. This one is actually a once piece, but looks like 2. And it's a halter, which is flattering for me. I like pink a lot too, and might even be able to shorten it and wear it to my brother's wedding next spring....if they ever get it together and PLAN it!

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