Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Woman

I am a NEW WOMAN today! Why? Well, because both kids slept completely through the night. Not a big feat for Caroline, but for Bryce, it's a red letter day. Thank you kids! After the past 3 nights of very rocky sleep for all 4 of us, last night was a blessing. I'm not feeling like I was run over and I'm not sitting here pumping and counting the hours until I can get into bed tonight. I'm sure Bryce won't sleep through the night tonight, but if he can go back to his previous pattern of only waking up once for a quick snack, I can handle it.

Happy Birthday to my SIL, Kelly! She is 28 today! Happy Birthday Kelly!

Jason turns 30 on Sunday - Easter, but we are going out for dinner on Saturday night to Roy's down in Inner Harbor East with Katie and Landon. Should be fun to get out with another couple that has a young child. We don't socialize enough with other couples that have young kids and it's like they just don't "get it." I'm looking forward to the company and the food. Roy's is a "Hawaiian Fusion" restaurant - here's the website if you want to check it out.

In other news, my friend Christine is being induced today so I am waiting to hear about the birth of her little boy - most likely named Sebastian. Big sister Anya is a few weeks older than Caroline and I'm sure will be very excited when her little brother finally makes his way into the world. Christine found out she was pregnant a few weeks before I had Bryce so it is crazy that her pregnancy is over!

Pumping is over - time to work!

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