Monday, April 24, 2006

I need a weekend!

So coming into this weekend, I didn't think too much of it. I figured it would be an ordinary weekend where we get some things done around the house and just enjoy the kids. Some things....boy is that an understatement.

Friday night, my parents came over while Jason moved the cable jack to the new spot where our desk will be and I went grocery shopping. (THANK HEAVENS!) Then Saturday morning, Jason went down to the Men's Club to lay sod while I managed the kiddos. Then he came home and I left to go and pick up my bridesmaid gown from David's Bridal down in Glen Burnout. (What a madhouse that was!) When I got back, Jason had just started on assembling the lateral file cabinet that goes w/ our desk b/c lucky for him, both kids had napped the whole time I was gone. The rest of the night, I entertained kids while he put together the desk and hutch. Finally around 11pm, he finished. It looks FABULOUS. I will have to post some pictures. We are both so happy with it.

Then yesterday, after we organized the new desk and sat up the PC on it, Jason sat and went through our extremely old overstuffed file cabinet and cleaned it out - boy was that a job. It took him the entire day, while I manged the kids, did laundry, and changed sheets. (I didn't get out of my PJs until 7:30pm.) Whew! And the project is still not done. Tonight we need to move all the kid's toys into the "dining room" and the shelves, etc into the "living room." So now we will have a den/library and a playroom. I'm even ordering a new slipcover for the couch so that we have a practically new room. The ILs are coming tomorrow for their Tuesday w/ the kids, so we want to make sure it's all as situated as possible for them.

So needless to say, Jason and I are both worn out and in need of another weekend. Although the weekends around our house tend to be so exhausting, maybe we just need to work so we can rest. I guess we are weekend warriors - I hate that term!

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