Thursday, April 20, 2006

I can't keep doing this...

So you want to know what a weekday morning is like at my house????

5:45am - alarm goes off, but I don't hear it b/c I'm so sleep deprived
6:00 - I wake up - crap, I'm already running late
6:05 - I hop in the shower and b/c it's Thursday - I wash my hair
6:12 - get out of shower and get dressed and tell Jason goodbye
6:20 - hear Bryce crawling around in his crib so I go in and feed him
6:28 - Bryce finishes eating and spits up all over the boppy and narrowly misses my clean shirt
6:32 - change Bryce while Caroline comes in with her stool to say good morning and tickles his belly
6:33 - Caroline scratches Bryce's belly and makes him cry
6:35 - sit Bryce up to put his bib on and he spits up all over the changing table
6:36 - go into Caroline's room to get her ready, ask her to sit on the potty
6:36.30 - Caroline throws herself on the floor b/c she doesn't want to sit on the potty
6:37 - Caroline tells me she doesn't want to sit on the potty and asks me to put a clean pull-up on her
6:38 - Dress Caroline while she lays there either crying or yelling at Bryce to stop touching her toys (Start going crazy listening to the Dora Dance Fiesta for the 324294829342th time.)
6:39 - use a baby wipe to clean up milk barf that Bryce has deposited on Caroline's carpet and skip over track 4 on the CD - I hate Oye Come Va)
6:39.30 - move Bryce away from vent so he doesn't get fingers stuck in it - Caroline gives me a booger she has picked out of her nose
6:40 - get my blow dryer and start drying my hair in the kid's bathroom so I can watch them while I dry my hair - Caroline brings me another booger from her nose
6:42 - pause my blow drying so I can tell Caroline to stop laying on top of Bryce
6:43 - I can't see Bryce so I stop drying again and find that he has spit up on the floor again and that Caroline has taken off the shoes I had put on her saying "I don't want these shoes."
6:43.30 - clean up milk barf with a wipe off of Caroline's carpet and give Caroline another pair of shoes to put on- both kids are happily playing with mega blocks
6:44 - begin drying hair again and see Caroline putting shoes on wrong feet - tell her which one is the right shoe
6:46 - hair is dry and I look in Caroline's room and Caroline punches Bryce in the stomach saying that she is "patting him"
6:46.10 - Bryce begins yelling - "Caroline do NOT punch your brother in the stomach"
6:47 - Pick up Bryce and go downstairs - Caroline follows
6:49 - Put Bryce in the exersaucer and get all of my bags together and put them in car
6:52 - Fix a bowl of Cheerios and watch Caroline rummage through the empty Easter eggs for some candy
6:53 - Give Caroline bites of my cereal
6:54 - Run upstairs to brush my teeth, turn off all the lights and turn off that miserable Dora CD
6:55 - I hear Bryce whining and I tell Caroline to make him laugh
6:55.30 - Caroline SHREIKS
6:55.31 - Bryce starts crying hard
6:55. 40 - Caroline runs to the bottom of the steps to tell me "Mommy, I scared Bryce!" (she obviously screamed in his face)
6:56 - I run dowstairs to get Bryce and as we are getting ready to put our jackets on, Caroline tells me she has to pee
6:57 - Caroline runs to get her stool and put the Dora potty seat on the toilet, I take down her pants and help her get on the potty
6:58 - Caroline doesn't pee, but says she's done and stands up and I start to pull up the PullUp and she starts screaming that she has to go again
6:59 - I put her back on the potty and she doesn't go - I tell her she's done and start putting her pants back on - Temper Tantrum begins
7:00 - pick Bryce up off the floor of the bathroom where he is playing with the trashcan and put his coat on him and set him down
7:01 - put Caroline's jacket on her
7:02 - Pick up Bryce and turn around to see that Caroline has torn her jacket off
7:03 - get very frustrated and use my stern voice with Caroline and tell her it's time to go
7:04 - walk to the door and when Caroline realizes I'm leaving she runs screaming after me
7:04.30 - sit Bryce in his carseat while Caroline screams that her foot is "stuck" in the door
7:05 - free Caroline from the dreaded door and she runs out into the garage
7:06 - strap Bryce into his carseat and ask Caroline to get into the van
7:07 - come around to the other side of the van and ask Caroline again to get into the van
7:07.10 - Caroline throws herself on the floor of the garage
7:07.30 - Pick Caroline up off the floor and put her in the van
7:08 - put Caroline's jacket back on her
7:09 - get Caroline strapped into her carseat (being thankful it's not cold anymore and I'm not having to wrestle with a big winter coat and the carseat straps)
7:10 - get into the car and turn on the KidStuff radio station - notice that in all the running around this morning one of the buttons on my skirt is ripped out of the fabric - not just the button, but with the fabric behind it
7:15 - arrive at daycare and wrestle both kids out of their carseats and into Cathy's house
7:20 - get back in car, turn on Howard, and "relax"

And I wonder why I get to work exhausted........ This has got to stop.

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Christine said...

*HUGS* Erika!!!! You really are a supermomma....that morning sounds horrendous. I hope you can get some "rest" at work today- LOL! I'm so not looking forward to the same routine in a few weeks. I hope the weekend is better than you're expecting.