Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Bunny Massacre

Last night when we got home, Caroline was standing at the sliding glass door watching this mangy cat that we see roaming around the neighborhood. It seemed to be eating grass or something and when it ran off, we joked that it was going to look for the Easter Bunny. Well, turns out, it had already found an Easter Bunny. Jason went out this morning in his quest for a beautiful lawn and started watering it and found bunny carcass. GROSS! We are pretty sure it was a baby bunny since it wasn't a huge amount, but it was obviously a rabbit.

I've had some bad luck with bunny deaths around Easter. First my bunny, Taffy, died on Easter when I was 15 and now this one. I think all bunnies should stay away from my house when Easter is coming.

Caroline was off to church this morning with my mom. I packed her backpack with her new Dora color wonder markers and picture pad and some other books and sent her on her way. She was very excited to see her Easter basket this morning and to start eating candy right away. I only let her have one piece and before I knew it, she was shoving M&Ms in her mouth. She did go onto eat several pancakes so maybe the chocolate just whet her appetite.

Happy 30th Birthday to Jason too!

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