Friday, April 14, 2006

Don't Call me MISS!

So I guess you know you're getting older when little kids (and not so little kids) call you by Mr. or Miss [first name]. Ugh. I hate the sound of Miss Erika. Just hate it. Growing up of course, I called all my neighborhood friend's parents Mr. or Miss. [first name], but all of my parent's good friends by just their first names.

I know that it's out of respect that we call someone Mr. or Miss/Mrs./Ms., but I guess I just don't like to hear it used on me. Therefore, I hope that all of the kids of my friends will only call me by my first name. Of course I will probably expect that Caroline and Bryce's friends will address me as Miss ____, until I get to know them but if it's a child of a good friend, why do they need to?

I think b/c my parents always encouraged me to call their friends only by their first names, I've been more comfortable doing it with adults. I've never called my ILs or grandparent ILs by anything but just their first names. I personally like to be called by my first name and know that the older you get, the less you hear it. (Your family all call you mom, grandma, etc and you eventually start to lose friends.)

Maybe it's just the time and we are becoming a more casual society. My MIL told me that her mom never called her ILs anything but Mr. and Mrs. S____ until they died, probably like most people of her generation. Pretty interesting if you think about it, but I guess formality was more important in those days. But really, why be so formal? Life is too short. So please just call me by my first name, I don't need the Miss!

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