Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cucumber Sandwich

Yes, that is what I had for lunch today. Why? Because we haven't gone to the grocery store in almost 3 weeks. See what happens when you try to do non-house stuff one weekend - you end up eating crappy lunches and drinking nasty powdered coffee creamer in your coffeee all week. BAH!

So a good friend of mine asked if we had grocery delivery here - I WISH! Aside from it being SO convenient, it actually saves money b/c you only get what is on your list. Peapod by Giant does it in the Baltimore area so I looked into it and it turns out if I lived in one of the next zipcodes over, I'd be able to get them delivered. Not even 4 miles from here and I can't get it delivered to me. Most likely b/c the area we live in is not "affluent" enough to support it. I don't get it. Drive an extra few miles and bring me my damn groceries. BAH! (again)

So the day got a little better in that the furniture we ordered from Office Depot was delivered and Jason will put it together this weekend. It is really nice and I can't wait to get rid of this crappy old desk and clean the place up. We need some serious organization in here.

But things with Caroline haven't improved much. She's had a tough day. Apparently at daycare she hit Bryce a lot and just bothered him. I guess she spent some time in timeout. She was mostly pretty good before and during dinner, but after bathtime, she threw another major fit when it was time to brush her teeth. We figured it was very important to get her into bed on time and she was - by 8:15. But at 8:30, I hear her YELLING out of her window at passersby. Then after Jason put her to bed, at about 9pm she calls down to me telling me she has to pee. I sit her on the potty and she talks a blue streak (telling me Diego and Dora are her cousins) and goes about a teaspoon. It's 9:40 now and I hear her up there talking. Yay for mom - we're gearing up for a really fun sleep deprived morning tomorrow. Just shoot me now.

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