Saturday, April 15, 2006


So we were supposed to go out with Katie and Landon to dinner as a sort of celebration for Jay's 30th birthday tomorrow, but poor Emily has come down with a very nasty stomach virus. The poor muffin has been so sick and it sounds very much like what Caroline was hospitalized with for dehydration last March. I sure home Emily doesn't get that sick. But Katie called this afternoon and had to cancel and I was glad she did b/c I know if my baby was that sick, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the evening. There will be other nights out with just the adults, but Emily needed her mommy tonight. I really hope she's feeling better.

My parents still came over as planned and took Caroline and Bryce down to the riverfront for a picnic. It was Bryce's first ride in the family wagon and he looked so cute. It's so nice to be so close to the water - Caroline and Pop Pop explored and saw some ducks and dead fish. (Ha ha!) Jason kind of said at first he didn't want to go anywhere after Katie called, but then he felt bad b/c we weren't going anywhere and I had it in my head we were going out, so we went to Red Brick Station for some beers and yummy food.

So now I'm getting ready for bed and I've just set out Bryce and Caroline's Easter baskets. I just got them a little bit of candy (well, of course Bryce won't be eating any) and an outfit each. i also got Caroline a pack of the color wonder markers and Dora coloring sheets. My parents would always give us little gifts around Easter too. And now I know why - they loved buying us stuff. I have to make myself put things back for them all the time. My mom and MIL go a bit crazy sometimes buying them things, but I don't know what I'd do w/o all the clothes they buy them. They both get them such cute things and I hardly ever have to buy my kids clothes. I guess I'm really lucky to have grandmothers who care so much and kids that are dressed ever so well!

Hoppy Easter!

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