Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Most Frustrating Mind-Bending Puzzle

So any of you that I've talked to recently know that I am working very hard to try and figure out a way to only work part-time. The biggest hurdle I thought would be finding a position. But that turned out to be the easiest part. My supervisor and the dean are willing to let me go half-time (20 hrs/week) AND still get my health benefits. Score, right?? Think again.

So the next part is figuring out daycare for the kids. While all this is happening, my mom is offered a new full time job that will no longer let her watch the kids one day a week. :( (Fortunately, my ILs are happily able to take over Tuesdays so at least we're not having to put them in daycare 5 days a week.) Then I find out that my DCP wouldn't be able to watch my kids part-time because of the whole issue with slots and ages, etc.

So I'm totally bummed out and thinking it will never happen and then Jason has the idea that he will ask his work if he'd be able to work 4 - 10 hour days a week and be at home one day a week. Brilliant! I could work 2 10 hour days and we wouldn't have to spend another dime on daycare. HURRAY! Well he asks his direct supervisor and he's totally cool with it (and it gets my hopes up), but then just today Jason talked to the head of the department and he's not so cool with it. He would see it more as a temporary thing. AAAAARRRRGH! Why is everything seeming to work against us? It's like we keep getting shot down and the forces that be are trying to keep us from being with our kids more.

So our next thing to explore is finding someone to watch the kids defintely one day a week and maybe 1 1/2 (If I work 2 - 8 hour days and 1 - 4 hour day). There is potential for my mom to watch them one morning a week, but we'd still have the entire 2nd day. We've tossed around the idea of hiring a college/grad student to come to our house since that is what some women in my office have done, but I just don't want to go through that whole damn hiring process. And with a college student, it's a semester by semester basis. It's like this situation with my job would be too permanent to have such a tentative solution.

It's days like this that make me wish I could quit my job and stay home full time - but then we wouldn't be able to eat anymore and we'd have to sell all the kids toys on Ebay for some cash. And that might frustrate the kids a little bit. So if you have any ideas about what I could do, tell me because I'm really looking for some ideas here. It's like this really difficult puzzle that I keep looking at and trying to find an answer to and just when I think I've found it, I find another roadblock I hadn't anticipated. I am missing my kids more everyday and can't handle being away from them so much anymore. Being home 2 1/2 more days a week would be so wonderful - it would give me more time with them but also give me a little break out of the house.

I wish the childcare fairy would come and visit us. SuperNanny? Anyone?

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