Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mommy Disclaimer

Yeah, so here is the part where I tell you that I'm a mom of young kids and because I'm a mom of 2 young kids, I will sometimes talk about bodily fluids that a non-parent might find disgusting. But as any mom will know, this is not gross - it's life. So if you are squeamish about that stuff, don't read any further in this post.

So we are in the throws of toilet training Miss Caroline. I have always believed that I wouldn't push it on my kid and to go on cues from them start really "training" them. So she's been showing some signs for a while and WOW, she's doing great. She has pooped on the potty everyday since Thursday and she's peeing on the potty a lot too. She doesn't quite get the "you get the urge, you go to the potty" sequence yet, but every time you ask her if she wants to sit on the potty, she usually will and pee a teaspoon or two. That is the funny part, the kid will pee a few drops, stand up, cheer for herself, and then sit back down for some more. Even when she's gone a lot, she thinks she has to go some more. So b/c of that, it's been a little frustrating b/c she often throws a fit when you try to put pants back on her b/c she says she isn't done.

This weekend I'm going to get her all new undershirts (I typed undershit at first - coincidence?) that don't have the snap crotch anymore. But a lot of her outer shirts are the snap crotch too, so I guess we'll just ride them out until she gets into her spring clothes. I'm not buying her all new shirts at this point.

Bryce is doing great too. He has a new trick and it's blowing raspberries. It's so funny. He likes to JUMP in his bouncy swing and scream and laugh and blow raspberries. He especially likes to do it to get Caroline's attention. He's quite the charmer. He also had his first veggie - CARROTS. He loved them. He was kicking and opening his mouth so big. I can tell already what a good eater he is going to be. Caroline was never like this. She can still go w/ barely eating somedays - but not Bryce. He's going to eat us out of house and home, I can tell already.

Bertie and Pop Pop get back from Hawaii on Thursday - they've been gone quite a while it seems. I know Caroline misses seeing them. It almost broke her heart when we went to their house last week to water their plants and they weren't there. She kept calling for my mom and Boomer.

I'm off on Thursday and Friday, just b/c I needed a long weekend. YAHOO!

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