Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday tidbits...

I'm home w/ the kids today - took a little break from work. :)

So do you SAHM's forget to eat? I keep forgetting to eat until I'm ravenously hungry. I get the kids fed and start doing other stuff and then realize I haven't eaten anything. I'd lose a lot of weight if I was home full time!

Odd thing - Caroline chose to watch Little Bear over Dora this morning. She's never done that before.

The weather is so nice! I am hungry for spring!

We had tentatively planned to go see Emily and Katie today, but poor Emily has a bad cough. Here's wishes that she's feeling better soon! (For Katie as well as Emily's sake!!)

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Katie said...

Thanks Erika! Turns out Emily is fine. It is just a lingering cold and nothing worse. She seems better today anyway.