Friday, March 17, 2006


Okay, I fixed it. It's amazing what a TINY little blurb will do to an entire layout...or lack of a blurb. Oh well.

All that to change the tickers and add my cute new breastfeeding one. Bryce's milk that is the TRUTH. The kid is addicted. I think Jason is going to get jealous.

The kids are going with my parents tomorrow up to visit my grandmothers in Williamsport. So that leaves the day for Jason and I to start painting our family room/kitchen. We've picked a color called "Wild Honey" and I think it will look really nice with the red accent wall around the fire place. We also got some really cool tin samples to do a cool tin backsplash in the kitchen. Usually I am the one that comes up with neat decorating ideas, but this was all Jason.

Oh yeah, and we're supposed to give blood tomorrow morning too. Should be a busy day!

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