Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bad Bloggy Bloggy

Yeah, so I've been pretty busy lately. Work has been keeping me on my toes and I'm just too darn busy (and tired) in the evenings to be bloggin'. I'm also mildly addicted to myspace in finding people that I knew from years past. It's amazing how the internet continues to make the world a smaller place. How did our parents ever stay in touch with people from their past? I guess they just hoped they'd bump into them in real life someday.

So Bryce's big news is that he is now getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth (while smiling the biggest smile ever!) I can't believe he is getting so close to becoming mobile. That of course means he'll be less cuddly. He'll want to GO GO GO! He's already eyeing up all of Caroline's toys, so I know we'll really have to start watching the smaller toys of her's. I can't believe he's 6 1/2 months already and on the verge of crawling. He moves all around his crib now and he can sit up unsupported for short periods of time. I thought the time went fast with Caroline, but it's even gone faster with Bryce. I can't imagine if we have a 3rd! But all and all, Bryce still seems like a cutie pie baby to me. Probably because in comparison to Caroline, he is. He's still got the softest head and skin. I love to kiss his little cheeks. No more teeth yet, but he's still drooling like a maniac. Jason calls him "Droolius."

In other news, my mom is going to be starting a new job where she works full time, so no more Tuesdays with Bertie for the kiddos. But my ILs have graciously agreed to take over Tuesdays since MIL is off on Tuesdays and FIL isn't going back to work anytime soon because of his health. They are looking forward to seeing the kids on a regular basis I think and I'm sure Caroline will love it. She talks about Nana and Big Dad (and their cats) all the time.

Jason and I are also still trying to figure out how I can go part-time. It seems we are closer than we thought, but we're just waiting for the official okays from our bosses before we can make it official.

Today is the official start to March Madness...without the Terps AGAIN. How disappointing. I've been so disconnected to the season this year b/c I just haven't had much desire to watch since the Terps have been so frustrating. I'm hoping that by getting this recruiting class of 02 out of there that Gary can have a semi-fresh start in the fall and get this team back on track. It is very similar to what happened in 95-96 when Gary had a bunch of seniors with ego problems. So let's see, I have picked UConn to win it all this year. We'll see. I'm kind of excited to see how the MD Women do this year being a 2nd seed and all. THey really should have been a 1 seed, but maybe they'll sneak in there a little bit. It's great to see how greatly that program has improved in the past 4 years. Go TERPS!

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