Monday, March 20, 2006

Are you Loyal or a Traitor?

Every year around this time, I find myself feeling like a traitor? Why? Well because it's March Madness and time to fill out the brackets for the NCAA tournaments. (Yes, touraments with an S - don't forget the women!) Anyway, since I got into college basketball in college, I always had a hard time filling out the brackets because ultimately you have to either show your loyalty or your honesty. (Very rarely do the two overlap.) So the question is, do you take your team all the way to the final or do you count them out at some point along the way? Now this year the men's team made it very easy on me by not even being in the big dance and making a completely embarassing showing in the first round of the NIT....but I digress - but usually if you want to win a bracket pool, you have to be really be honest with how good your team is that year. So for example, this year the Lady Terps are VERY good and are a 2 seed - should have been a 1 - but that's neither here nor there. So do I take them all the way to the final and have them winning it all, or do I have them bowing out somewhere along the way? Does my loyalty to the team win out over ME wanting to win the bracket pool? Since my bracket pools usually do not involve money, but only minimal bragging rights I kind of mix the two. I have them going far enough along to make it respectable, but not enough to keep me from winning usually. This year I have the Lady Terps going to the final four. I think that's pretty darn good considering how much they've improved in the past few years (Thanks Brenda!).

I guess we'll have to cross our fingers that the men's team pulls it together in the next season and maybe make it so that I can choose them to go really far next year and not have to compromise my chances of winning a pool. :)

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Katie said...

Go Lady Terps! I've watched more womens games than mens this year. They are going to the Final Four baby!!!