Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Addicted to Jumping

Caroline is addicted to jumping. She jumps off of stools, she jumps in her bed, she jumps down steps, she jumps all through the house...... You get the idea. She would rather jump somewhere than walk! Last night I was downstairs while she was upstairs playing and it sounded like a herd of elephants was coming through. BaBOOM! It's like she's got springs in her feet. It's funny because ever since she mastered it, it's become all she wants to do. She doesn't announce her jumps as often, but when she falls, she does still annouce that she fell down - even if it doesn't hurt, which it usually doesn't. It's hard to get her dressed in the mornings because all she wants to do is stand on her stool and jump off. I've taken to telling her that her clothes and shoes make her jump better and then she'll let me put them on.

She's also quite interested in talking about what goes on in the bathroom too. She walked into daycare this morning telling everyone that she "pooped a big one" last night in her "little potty." Something I'm sure the kids eating breakfast wanted to hear. But what are you going to do b/c we want her to realize it's a normal body function and we want her to want to do it.

Oh and she's also very much into "double hugs" these days. A double hug is where you hug two people at once. Her favorite double huggers are Jason and I, but Bryce will do too if one of us isn't available. The only problem is she wants to do it over and over and does NOT like it when you have to pull away. Not that I don't want to hug my baby girl all day, but sometimes you do have to cook dinner or something.

The kids also spent their first "regular" Tuesday with my ILs yesterday and it was nice to come home and have both of them in such great moods. They both seem to have such a good time with their Nana and Big Dad.

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Katie said...

Caroline is a jumpaholic!