Thursday, March 02, 2006

1/2 Year!

Bryce was 6 months old yesterday! Can you believe it? I took him to the doctor for his checkup and here are his stats:

16lbs, 2oz (50th percent)
28 inches (97th percent)

Basically, my baby is turning into a string bean. He still has chubby cheeks, but he's getting LONG! I wonder where he'd get those genes from?? !

Caroline went along and was such a good girl. She kept saying, "Brycey is getting a checkup." When Bryce got his 3 shots, he was so brave and only cried a little bit. But Caroline cried harder. She couldn't bear to hear that Bryce was hurting. I had to let the nurse hold Bryce so I could comfort her. So, for her good behavior, she got a Sponge Bob sticker and a lollipop. She was quite the happy camper!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I think Bryce gets those tall genes from you Erika!

Love, J