Friday, February 10, 2006

Yummy Toes

Bryce has learned yet another new trick. He likes to suck his toes! I remember Caroline mastered this right around 5 months too and it seems he is following suit. He makes it very tough to change his diaper now b/c all he wants are those cute little toes. Mmmmm. He looks so happy when he actually gets them there because sometimes he doesn't quite make it. I thought he was heading in that direction since earlier in the week he was pulling the heck out of his pant legs.

He also is really having a good week for his spitting up. He's come home from daycare wearing the same outfit I put him in and sometimes even with the SAME bib!!! That has never happened. I think the combination of cereal, age, and maybe even what I'm avoiding in my diet is paying off. Although he did manage to get me pretty good right before his bath last night.

I also think we have weaned him from swaddling. Hooray! For a while now, he's been fighting it and waking himself up when he gets out. We figured he needed the swaddle, so the other night I put him down asleep unswaddled and he slept the whole night. Then last night I put him down awake unswaddled and he went to sleep on his own and only woke up once to eat and then went back down awake and unswaddled. Oh you have no idea how happy this makes me. But it also means my little guy is growing up! I just know one day I'm going to realize that my baby is a toddler all of a sudden. I hope he'll keep letting me cuddle him!

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