Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tulips, Shrunken Hats, Snow Balls, and Teething

So those are the things going on around in my life lately. Jason sent me beautiful red and white tulips (and truffles) for Valentine's Day at work. We don't always try to surprise each other on Valentine's day, but every once in a while we do, so this was really nice. They look so pretty sitting on my desk and everyone that walks by comments on what a nice husband I have. Even if he did shrink my favorite wool hat in the dryer this weekend. Oh well, he's forgiven. :)

We got about 15 inches of snow - but it really didn't phase me too much. Caroline was all excited about it when it started on Saturday afternoon and kept telling us she saw "snowballs," but when it came time to go out in it on Sunday, she just wanted to walk on the shovelled sidewalk and touch it. If I put her in it, she cried and said she was stuck. I don't think she liked the way it felt under her feet. She did enjoy watching me build her a little snowman though.

And Bryce continues to be in the throws of teething. Thank goodness for Tylenol. His little cheeks get all flushed and he's just drooling so much. I think he wants a full mouth of teeth for his first birthday. Maybe a steak is in his future?

I want to take Caroline to see Curious George. I think she would really get into it. My grad assistant, Rachael, burned me a copy of the soundtrack, but I haven't been able to get C to listen to it yet. All she wants is "Toot Toot" or "Fruit Salad" - but she can never make up her mind which.

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