Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tap Tap....Is this thing on?

So I have given this blog link to a lot of people, but I only get comments from 1 person (YAY Katie!). I set it so you don't have to be a blogger user to leave a comment, so if you read, leave a comment and say hi. How many people are reading this thing?

Took Brycey to his allergist appt and the doctor was amazed at how wonderful his skin looks and how smooth it is again. He commended me on how well I've stuck to his instructions and really believes that Bryce may outgrow the sensitivities he has. He doesn't believe Bryce has a high sensitivity to nuts and eggs, but he really hopes he'll outgrow them. He doesn't do anymore testing (blood or skin) until 2 years old since he is a believer that they aren't really truly accurate until that point. So he did give us the okay for rice cereal, but I might wait a week or two. Then it's onto veggies. I am not ready for my baby to stop being on all breastmilk. That means his poop will start to stink and we'll have to clean him up after he eats. BLECH! I love my 100% breastfed baby! No rush for food here!

Oh and I just "won" these on Ebay. Can't wait for them to arrive for him! (They are discontinued Robeez and I just HAD to get him the turtle ones! GO TERPS!)

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Katie said...

Glad Brycey checked out okay!! Love the turtle Robeez!