Thursday, February 23, 2006

Super Electric Baby Sleeper

This happened earlier in the week but I forgot to post it...thought it was pretty amusing.

The other night, Bryce woke up at some ungodly hour and Jason went in to settle him. Well he continued to fuss even though Jason was rocking him, so I stumbled in the dark into the nursery to feed him. (When he doesn't settle from rocking, he is usually wanting to eat.) So as Jason handed Bryce to me, I thought I saw a little and faint greenish flashes on his sleeper for a split second, but since I was barely awake, I figured I was seeing things. So I sat down in the rocker with Bryce and got settled to nurse him and I thought I saw a few more of these little green "sparks." I remember scrunching my eyes up to try and wake myself up. But again, I thought, man, I am really sleepy. Then I as I sat there nursing him (with my eyes closed) I was trying to think if the sleeper he was glow in the dark. It's a cute fleece one and it has little footballs all over it. I didn't remember it saying 'Glow in the Dark' on the tag like one of Caroline's old ones did, but maybe I was just imagining it. So I finished feeding him and put him down in his crib. As I laid him down and looked back down on him, I saw LOTS of the little green sparks all over his sleeper as he moved around. I remember thinking to myself, I am REALLY tired. What is this? I'll have to ask Jason in the morning. Of course I stumbled back to bed and didn't think of it again.

The next morning as I was walking through a semi-dark house, not even thinking of my crazy spark sightings, I went to turn on a light and SPARK there was a nice little green spark as I touched the switch. AHA! I figured it out - the tiny green "sparks" or flashes I was seeing on Bryce's sleeper was static electricity. Now it all made sense - it's winter, it's dry - even though we have a humidifier in all of our bedrooms - and we have been cutting back on using fabric softener in Bryce's clothes b/c of his skin allergies. Now I don't think he was getting shocked, but I do think that b/c it is fleece and it was SUPER dark in the room, we could see it. It's the strangest thing I think I've encountered in a while, but it kind of made me think for a while that Bryce is magic. I kind of like that explanation a little better. My little enchanted baby!

That night when I got home I told Jason the story and he was like, "YES! I saw those too and either thought I was really tired or the sleeper was glow in the dark." Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one in my house. I guess you can't completely discount the things you experience in a sleepy stupor.

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