Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stomp once for NO, Twice for YES

I think that Caroline thinks she is a horse. Yesterday she started a new defiant behavior that we are none too thrilled about. If you ask her something and the answer is no, she STOMPS her foot once. It's VERY obvious she wants no part of what you are asking and she just stomps and stares at you very insistently. Where in the world did she pick that up? It reminds me of when my grandparents took me to the Gettysburg miniature horse farm when I was a kid and they had a horse that would tell you yes or no by stomping it's foot. I have no idea where she picked it up b/c we havent' taken her to any horse farms and my DCP told me this morning that she had never seen her do it. Maybe it's something she reserves special for mommy and daddy.

In other news, Mr. Brycey decided to let mommy and daddy get some sleep last night. He woke up just before 10pm when we were going to bed and then slept UNSWADDLED until around 5am. Jason was already up, so he took Bryce downstairs and I got to keep on sleeping. Having a night of uninterupted sleep was heavenly. When my alarm went off at 5:45 and I got up, I was actually awake. Usually I'm in some kind of haze. He he. But this morning I was raring to go even before I had any coffee. Now if we could just copy this night. Last night he had tylenol at 10pm - maybe the teeth?? - no swaddle, and no white noise machine. Hmmmm. Let's do it again tonight!!!!

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