Saturday, February 04, 2006

So it's like 2004, right?

After the kids go to bed, Jason and I occasionally get to watch a movie. Well last night, he passed out at his normal time (like 9pm) and I decided to "On Demand" the free movie, 13 Going on 30. Not a ground breaking film, but cute. I like Jennifer Garner. Then tonight, we watched Kill Bill Vol. 1. I love Tarantion films. Pretty damn gorey, but it's so over the top, it's funny. Now I want to see Vol. 2. Kind of leaves you hanging. But I just thought it was funny that I got to see 2 movies I had wanted to see and it's now 2006. The only films Jason and I have seen in the theater since the kids have been born are the Harry Potter movies and Lord of the Ring - and only those b/c we MADE ourselves go to see them b/c we love them. Let's see, the next Harry Potter won't come out until summer 2007. Maybe we should start looking for a babysitter.

Another movie I want to see is Brokeback Mountain. I think my GA, Rachael, and I might try to go see it. Jason has no desire to see it - does any straight man? I don't understand why men have no problem with a lesbian relationship, but get all creeped out by 2 guys. And Brokeback Mountain is about the relationship, it's not porn. Yeah, apparently there is a sex scene, but how many sex scenes are in most movies with a relationship? But, it's progress I guess. 10 years ago a film like this wouldn't have even been made, let alone be nominated for so many Oscars.

Oh and speaking of entertainment, my newest favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. Oh that show is so great. I can't get enough of that Patrick Dempsey. Mmmmm. It's funny to see how awkward he was in "Can't Buy Me Love" from like 20 years ago. He's so dreamy now. Every week that show surprises me somehow. It does something you wouldn't expect and leaves you wanting more. Just when you think hospital dramas are played out, this one comes along and makes you think. Love it.

I hear the Sopranos are finally coming back on in a few months. It's about time. I can barely remember what was going on last time it was on. I think Tony was running away from another mob boss' arrest. Jason loves that show...I wonder if I'll watch that or Desperate Housewives.

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