Monday, February 27, 2006

Sibling Love

Caroline is so in love with her brother.  She talks about him a lot and is always asking me questions about him.  Here's a picture I snapped yesterday morning when they were laying and watching TV together.  The fun thing is that they are starting to play together - she brings him toys and likes to make him laugh.  It's really one of the greatest things to watch as a parent.

This morning I was so proud of Caroline because of her big sister skills.  I was downstairs finishing getting ready and I heard Bryce waking up and starting to fuss.  I finished what I was doing and by the time I got to the bottom of the steps, I could see the Bryce's door was open and he wasn't crying anymore.  When I got in there, there was Caroline, standing at the side of the crib looking down at Bryce and talking to him.  He had a big smile on his face and knew everything was okay because his big sister was there.  I gave Caroline a big hug and kiss and told her how proud I was.   What a sweetheart!  And Bryce was just has happy as can be b/c she was there.  I love my kids!

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