Sunday, February 05, 2006

One more tooth!

I forgot to post that Bryce got his 2nd tooth on Friday. He got 2 teeth before he even had his first bite of cereal - which he also had this week. I was thinking on holding off a little longer, but then I noticed that my freezer stash of breastmilk was not as plentiful as it once was because he's eating more during the day. Ah! And since I do not want to have to supplement with formula like I did for Caroline because of his allergy potential, I gave him some rice cereal. He seemed not to be too set off by the taste, but he was kind of weirded out by the spoon and something thicker than milk in his mouth. The good thing was he barely even spit up aftewards. (Of course I can't say that about his other all milk feedings later on.)
Here he is eating some cereal:

Today I think I'm going to head out to buy a toddler/booster carseat for Miss Caroline. We're ready to take Bryce out of his baby bucket and move him into her infant/toddler seat. I think we'll borrow Jason's mom's seat for a while for his car so we can avoid having to buy 2 more carseats. The one we have and she has are infant/toddler too, but they go up to 40lbs, so Caroline should be good in those for a while and then we can just buy a less expensive booster for Jay's car at 40lbs. While I would never want to compromise my child's safety, it is frustrating to have to purchase so many freaking carseats. And they aren't even things you can sell later b/c carseats are one of the things you are never supposed to buy used. I understand that, but gosh that's a lot of carseats as trash. I just wish someone could come up with a carseat that transitions from infancy to pre-school aged. Now THAT would be a great deal!

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