Monday, February 06, 2006

Now THAT is a Community

So a few weeks ago, the mom's chat board that I have been posting on for the past 2 years started a campaign called "Hats for Grace." Grace is the 2 year old daughter of a mom on the site who was diagnosed with leukemia this summer. Grace is doing really well and her doctors believe she will go into remission eventually. However, she will be on some form of chemo for a few years before she gets the remission diagnosis. Well, right around the holidays her mom posted that Grace was starting to lose her pretty curly blonde hair. Right away, the mom's site owner started the campaign and let members know where they could send money or hat donations if they wanted to contribute. I contributed some money and just today, Grace's mom posted pictures of Grace opening this HUGE box of little girl hats. It was so adorable to see her standing there looking into it and trying them on. And her mom has assured us that once Grace no longer needs the hats, she will be donating them to the children's hospital where Grace is being treated so lots of other little girls will have hats if they lose their hair due to chemo.

It really warmed my heart to see so many women (MOMS!) coming together to support another in need. And once again proving that online communities can be just that....a community. It's not just a bunch of sicko perverts or weirdos that never leave their houses. There are people with big hearts behind those monitors!

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Just passing through...I am also a mom of two.