Monday, February 06, 2006

Have Carseat, Will Travel

Got Miss Caroline a new toddler/booster carseat, and I must say it's very nice. Here's a pic. It's a Graco Platinum and it's very cushy. I think she might even like it more than the one she's in now. It has a supa cool drink holder too. She sat down in it when I brought it home and said it was cozy. Now to move Mr. Brycey into the infant/toddler seat.

So I am having a flashback listening party in my office. I'm listening to my self made Gin Blossoms greatest hits CD. I compiled it last night from my CDs b/c I didn't want to buy the "real" one b/c it doesn't have all the songs I like, and why buy it when you have all the songs already anyway. So I know it's not 1995, but it sure feels like it in my office.

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