Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Curious George and Processed Olympics

My mom and I took Caroline and Bryce to see Curious George this weekend. She really enjoyed it and the movie was really cute. I'm really glad my mom went along since I would have had a VERY hard time managing both kiddos. For the most part, Caroline watched the movie, but a couple of times she got ansty and wouldn't sit in her chair. But since I was managing Bryce, my mom kept Caroline engaged in the movie. By sitting and explaining in toddler terms what was happening, Caroline seemed to enjoy it so much more. It was especially funny when she would laugh out loud at something or would yell, "WHERE'S GEORGE??" There were lots of little kids there, so it was not a big deal. She liked eating the popcorn too. A note to other moms taking their little ones, make sure you get a movie seat booster - they boost the kid up, keep the seat down, and are velcroed to the seat so it doesn't slide. A VERY important part of enjoying the movie - they are usually sitting outside of the theater entrance.

I also had another thought this weekend as I was reading the paper about how dismal Olympics ratings are on TV. I can honestly say I have barely watched them and don't have much of an interest. As a kid and teenager I loved them. The newspaper said it had to do with a lot of issues and the fact that they were up against some really popular shows. But here is my theory - the Olympic coverage that NBC (and the other networks in other years) is so pre-packaged and processed. Add that to the fact that most of us have internet access and can get instant results, no one has the need to tune in. I personally can't stand the way they try to jam as many sports into one evening and make it seem like the event is live. Do most people realize they are only showing us what they want us to see? They only show a fraction of the athletes - and usually only Americans and the top performers. What if I want to see a person from a distant country (who isn't very good) compete? To me, that is what the Olympics is about too - not just the medal winners. But I shouldn't be surprised, isn't that what Americans are all about? Only interested in themselves and the best? I know we'll never go back in time and have it so we don't have access to the results before the competition is aired, but why do that have to process it so much, cut it up, and tell us what we want to see? It's sad, really - I don't think my kids will ever see an Olympics that is as exciting as it was when we were kids.

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