Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wake Up Daddy & Mommy

Those were the words we heard at 6:45am this morning as Caroline came bounding into our room. She was so chipper and so happy to see us. Fortunately, since we had gone to bed at around 9pm last night (power had gone out at 7pm - what else was there to do?) we were pretty well rested. That is the one thing with having her in her big girl bed, she can get out. But I hoisted her up into bed with me and she laid there and sang "Toot Toot Chugga" for a while.

But a funny thing about the power going out, I know where all the power went - INTO CAROLINE. When those lights went out, she turned into a super excited kid. She was yelling and running around and was just so busy. But once we got her into bed, she calmed down. She kept saying, "Mommy lights out!" "Daddy lights out!"

Power came back on around 12:30. Thank goodness b/c the house was really getting cold. With the extremely high winds and cold temps, it was a bit nippy in our bedrooms!

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