Saturday, January 21, 2006

There....But Not Really

This afternoon/evening we went down to visit some family friends and have dinner. It was a really nice visit with Jackie, Jim, Mark, Sara, and Zoe, but I left feeling like I barely had a chance to breathe. Why is it since having children, especially 2 children, I never really enjoy visiting anymore? Whether I'm at my own house or out somewhere, I cannot really enjoy the company of other adults. I try to talk to another adult and I'm immeadiately distracted by what one of my kids is doing. ("Caroline, stop screaming! Inside voice please." or Bryce needs to eat. or Bryce is spitting up all over me. or "Mommy, I want my water.") You get the idea.

I absolutely love visiting with people, but these days I am so distracted by my kids and keeping them happy, entertained or from doing something they aren't supposed to, that I feel like I barely have a chance to get into a conversation. It is so frustrating b/c it just makes me feel isolated. I miss the days when I could sit and really talk to someone. The only chance I get to do that now is when the kids are asleep and I am on the phone. Now when I'm out with them, I feel like I start so many conversations and then get pulled away.

I guess I never realized how much energy it took for my mom when we went somewhere. I always feel exhausted after a visit. This is definitely something no one tells you about being a mom.

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Katie said...

Totally understand what you are feeling on that...well except minus one baby for me! That's why email and blogs are so important to help me feel connected.

We should plan a MNO (Mother's night out) sometime!