Sunday, January 01, 2006

She stayed in bed!

So Caroline made it through her first night in her big girl bed. Bryce had a bit of a rough night last night and was up crying from 5am to 6am. While it woke Caroline up, she just laid there and talked, but never got out of bed. Then she must have gone back to sleep b/c we heard her again at 8am and then at 8:30 she proudly came walking into our room just talking away. She was dragging her dopt kit with her that we had left out from her overnight trip with Nana and Big Dad.

Then in the afternoon, she took her first nap in the bed too. Although it took a little more police work on my part. I kept hearing her kicking the wall and singing loudly. I'd look in and pretend not to be enjoying her conversation or song and tell her to lay back down. At one point she was standing on the end of the bed with one of her slippers on. But after that, she stayed down and fell asleep. Then I got to crawl into bed with her when she was waking up. That is the best part about the big bed....I can get in with her and read stories! She loves that!

Tomorrow is mine and Jay's last day off. Boo hoo. We are sad the long awaited break is over already. We're starting to put Christmas away, but won't really get serious about it until next weekend. At least with having an artificial tree, the tree doesn't present a reason to rip it down right away. I always hate when the decorations come down b/c the house looks so bare. I love the holly garland I have on my banister in my foyer and it looks so naked w/o it. But I'm ready for Christmas to be over too. I just can't make up my mind. I don't think I could stomach one more Christmas song .

Only 1 more week until Howard Stern starts his new show on Sirius. I've had my subscription since we got the van, but I got Jason his Sirius radio for Christmas. So we are all ready. We listened at midnight last night b/c Howard was finally able to have his voice broadcast on satellite radio b/c his contract with Infinity was finally up. I know a lot of people don't like Howard and I certainly don't agree or condone all the things he says/does. But he's an entertainer and driving to work isn't so bad b/c I have something to look forward to and make me forget about any kind of rough morning I might have had. Plus, I know how to censor so my kids won't hear him. That is what our country should be about....self censorship....I'm sick and tired of wackos saying the government should be so regulatory of our media. People need to realize it's their responsibility to keep things away from their kids. The only thing the government should do is keep the content that is rated mature, correctly rated so that parents can filter it themselves. Long live free speech!

Can you believe it's 2006? I never even got used to writing 2005. Where did the year go?

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